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Free images - Animal Homes 

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Animal "homes" are places where animals come to rest when they are not active.  Most animals are active during the day, but some are active during dusk or the evening.  Some animal homes are meant for just one animal, while others are for a mother to give birth and raise her young.  Some animal homes are for large groups of animals in which to live together.





The environment in which an animal lives is called a "habitat".  A habitat provides a space to live, water, food and shelter.  Animals make their homes within their habitats.

While humans live in houses, cabins, trailers, igloos, tipis, boats, etc., animals make their homes in trees, burrows, webs, hives, shells, the open range, houses, in water, barns, nests, caves and galls. Beavers live in lodges;  pigs live in a sty; a squirrel lives in a drey; a high eagle's nest is called an aerie; a colony of rabbits lives in a warren; and the home of an otter is called a holt. Have I missed any?  Some animal homes are easy to spot, but most are camouflaged to protect the animal from predators.

Left:  A man-made bat house.
Right:  Entrance to a chipmunk's den littered with food.


Animals build their homes from materials that they find in their habitat.  Some of these include  sticks, twigs, leaves, grasses, mud and stones. 


detective hat from


Be an animal detective.... 

Look and listen for clues to animal dwellings.  Can you hear rustling, singing, warning chirps or barks?  Look for footprints, signs of chewing, or animal scat (that's poop) on the ground around you.  Do you notice evidence of eaten food?  The photograph on the right shows a chipmunk who has done a poor job of hiding his underground den by leaving the entrance way littered with eaten pine cones.  Tufts of fur, feathers or shed skin will also give you clues of an animal's domain.


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"Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no  questions, they pass no criticisms." 
~ George Eliot ~












"The greatness
of a nation
and its moral progress
can be judged
by the way its
animals are treated." 
~ Mahatma Gandhi ~













"I like pigs. 
Dogs look up to us. 
Cats look down on us.  Pigs treat us as equals."
~ Winston Churchill ~









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