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Free images of Bison 

Note on large files:  Very large files may be bigger than your screen.  
Right click on any portion of the image showing and chose "save as". 


What's the difference between a Bison and a Buffalo?

Both species are large, horned animals in the Bovidae family.  

There are two kinds of bison:  The American bison [Bison bison] that lives in North America and the European bison [Bison bansus] that lives in isolated parts of Poland.

There are also two forms of buffalo:  The Water Buffalo and the Cape Buffalo.

How can I tell them apart?

Bison are found in North America and parts of Europe, while buffalo are indigenous to South Asia (Water buffalo) and Africa (Cape buffalo).  Look for a hump - bison have a hump at their shoulders, while buffalo don't.  Bison have shorter, sharper horns, while buffalo have large horns more than six feet wide with an arc.  Bison  have beards, buffalos don't.

So what's up with the song Home on the Range?

The classic western folk song "Home on the Range" is sometimes called the unofficial anthem of the American West.  Written by Dr. Brewster M. Higley of Kansas, the first line begins:  "Oh, give me a home, where the Buffalo roam...."  What the author is actually referring to are bison.

Early American settlers called bison "bufello" since the two animals looked the same.  The name "buffalo" stuck for American bison.  Although technically incorrect, people mistakenly continue to refer to bison as buffalo.



American Bison

Bison are the largest land-dwelling animal in North America.  Often mistaken for buffalo, these majestic creatures have dark-brown fur that is long on their head, shoulders and forelegs.  The hair covering the rest of their body is lighter in colour and shorter.  Males (bulls) can weigh up to 2,000 pounds; females (cows) reach up to 1,000.

Bison are excellent swimmers and despite their bulky look, can jump over objects as tall as five feet.  They have keen hearing, vision and smell.

Although they look docile, Bison can be aggressive when disturbed and can run up to 35 miles per hour.  

The images below are of a bison herd at Yellowstone National Park.


Bison on field at Yellowstone Park

Bison - 1

Medium - 640 x 480  Right click on above image and chose "save as".

Large - 2608 x 1952  -  Now only available upon request.


Bison at Yellowstone Park

Bison - 2

Medium - 640 x 480  Right click on above image and chose "save as".

Large - 2608 x 1952  -  Now only available upon request.



Some of these images have been photographed at and posted with the very kind permission 
of the Canadian Museum of Nature (Ottawa).  Please read the Terms of Use.  
These images may under no circumstances be sold or used in a commercial manner.

If you would like to support the Museum, please make a donation HERE.


The following images are from the Canadian Museum of Nature Diorama.


Bison head Canadian Museum of Nature Diorama

Canadian Museum of Nature Diorama - Bison - 3

Medium - 640 x 480  Right click on above image and chose "save as".

Large - 2988 x 3984  -  Now only available upon request.



Bison in Canadian Museum of Nature Diorama

Canadian Museum of Nature Diorama - Bison - 4

Medium - 640 x 480  Right click on above image and chose "save as".

Large - 2414 x 3217  -  Now only available upon request.


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We Are All God's





"If all the beasts 
were gone,
 men would die from 
a great loneliness 
of spirit, 
for whatever happens 
to the beasts 
also happens to the man.  
All things are connected.  Whatever befalls 
the Earth 
befalls the sons 
of the Earth."

~ Chief Seattle 
of the Suquamish Tribe,
 letter to 
Franklin Pierce ~







"Life is as dear 
to a mute creature 
as it is to man.  
Just as one wants happiness 
and fears pain, 
just as one wants 
to live 
and not die, 
so do other creatures."

~ His Holiness 
The Dalai Lama ~




"If you have men 
who will exclude 
any of God's creatures 
from the shelter 
of compassion and pity, 
you will have men 
who will deal likewise 
with their fellow men."

~ St. Francis of Assisi ~





"The worst sin 
towards our fellow creatures 
is not to hate them,
 but to be indifferent to them.  that's the essence 
of inhumanity."

~ George Bernard 
Shaw ~



"A bird does not sing 
because it has an answer. 
 It sings because 
it has a song."

~ Chinese Proverb ~








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