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Free images of Snakes 

Many of these images have been photographed at and posted with the very kind permission 
of the Toronto Zoo.  Please read the Terms of Use.  
These images may under no circumstances be sold or used in a commercial manner.

If you would like to support the Toronto Zoo, please CLICK HERE.

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Snakes are carnivorous reptiles in the suborder Serpentes.  They have long, legless, narrow bodies and mobile jaws that allow them to swallow prey larger than their heads.  They can be found on every continent except Antarctica.  In fact, there are almost 3 thousand species of snake!

Snake species vary in size, ranging from only several inches in length to long pythons over 30 feet!  There are both venomous and non-venomous snakes capable of killing or injurying their victims.  Non-venomous snakes usually swallow their prey alive or kill by constriction.


  Did you know....

that some snakes fake being dead when they are threatened?  The Hognose, Grass snake and Spitting Cobra will flop onto their backs, open their mouths and let their tongues hang out.  Would a predator want to eat a dead snake?  These snakes sure hope not!





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Coral Snake Png

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Cobra Snake Png

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  Fun Snake Facts....

- the word "snake" comes from Old English "snaca" which means to creep or crawl;
- snakes have poor eyesight - they can distinguish light from dark and see movements;
- after a big meal, snakes may sleep for days or weeks;
- venomous snakes usually have broader heads that bulge out behind their eyes - this is where it stores its venom;
- snakes smell with their tongues;
- snakes have flexible jaws that allow them to swallow prey larger than their head;
- a snake's heart is able to move around its body in order to protect itself when a large meal passes through its esophagus.



Snake Image Categories


Ecdysis - 

- 6 images - Learn all about how snakes shed their skin.

North American Snakes

- 18 images of Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake, Eastern Milk Snake, & Northern Water Snake.

Tropical Snakes

- 14 images of Emerald Tree Boa, Red-tailed Green Ratsnake, and Green Tree Python.
- Learn all about Ecdysis - the moulting & sloughing of snake skin.


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Reptiles !

In the Book "The lectures of Linnaeus concerning the Animal Kingdom", published about 100 years ago, Carl Linnaeus wrote in the beginning of his Chapter on Amphibia that animals in this Chapter are "the ugliest, most cruel and most poisoning".  He expressed that he was happy that our Creator put rather few of these animals into this class.  If there had been more, they would have hurt the other species.

Carl Linnaeus (1701-1778) was a Swedish botanist, physician and zoologist.  He is known as the father of taxonomy and the one who laid the foundations for our current biological naming scheme.

Did you know....

Reptiles breathe air!

Almost all reptiles lay shelled eggs!


Snakes !






Terrific Turtles !




Did you know...

The King Cobra is the largest venomous snake in the world.  It is 12 feet long! 

Frogs breathe with their lungs but also their skin!






Amazing Alligators !



Did you know...

Reptiles have holes instead of ears!

Reptiles today live on every continent except Antarctica!

Most reptiles have a 3-chambered heart!


Be sure to check out all the reptile image categories !




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