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Free images -  Insects - Beetles 

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The order of insects called Coleoptera is commonly known to us as "beetles".  This order is the largest in the animal kingdom making up about 30% of all animals.  40% of all insects are beetles.

The name coleoptera comes from the Greek words "koleos" which means "sheath" or covering and the word "pteron" which means "wing".  Put them together and we have "sheathed wing".  An excellent description for beetles since this order have two pairs of wings, the front pair of which are hard and act as a protective covering for their second rear pair of wings which are usually used for flying.  Like other insects, they also have a head, thorax, abdomen and six legs.

Beetles can be found almost anywhere on the earth except for cold polar regions.  They live both on land and in fresh water.  

Beetles have four stages in their life cycle:  Eggs > wingless larva > pupa > adult beetle.

Many species of beetle are considered pests.  Their feeding habits kill vegetables, grains, fruits and trees.

Did you know...

that beetles are like little armored vehicles?  Their exoskeletons are made up of several hard plates called "sclerites".  Some sclerites are fused together while other are separated by thin sutures.

Left:  277 x 235 White Spotted Sawyer png1
- 2333 x 1976  - 
Still free, but now only available by email request.


Want to learn more?  Learn more about the ground beetles of Canada at the Government of Canada's - Canadian Biodiversity Information Facility here.  Note:  This link will take you outside of FreeTiiuPix.  Beetle descriptions and identification images can be found in their Image Library.

A great link for leaf beetle identification can be found at the PBase Leef Beetle gallery here.  Note:  This link will take you outside the FreeTiiuPix site.


Common Beetle Families

Buprestidae - Metallic Wood-boring beetles

Cantharidae - Soldier beetles

Carabidae - Ground beetles

Cerambycidae - Long-horned beetles

Chrysomelidae - Leaf beetles

Cicindelidae - Tiger beetles

Cleridae - Checkered beetles

Coccinelidae - Ladybugs & Ladybird beetles

Cucujidae - Flat Bark Beetles

Curculionidae - Weevils, Snout beetles

Dermestidae - Dermestid or Skin beetles

Dytiscidae - Diving beetles

Elateridae - Click beetles

Gyrinidae - Whirligig beetles

Hydrophilidae - Water Scavenger beetles

Lampyridae - Fireflies, Lighting bugs

Meloidae - Blister beetles

Mordellidae - Tumbling Flower beetles

Nitidulidae - Sap beetles

Passalidae - Bess beetles

Scarabaeidae - Scarab beetles

Scolytidae - Bark & Ambrosia beetles

Silphidae - Carrion beetles

Staphylinidae - Rove beetles

Tenebrionidae - Darkling beetles


Beetle Image Categories


Calligrapha - Include Calligraph alni + C. confluens

- 3 images of Calligraphy alni on Alder tree +

- 9 images of Calligraphi confluens including mating pair.

Ceresa diceros - Two-horned Treehopper or Two-horned Planthopper.

- 3 images + learn about Buffalo Treehoppers.  

Coleomegilla maculata -Spotted Lady Beetle, Pink Spotted Lady Beetle or Twelve-Spotted Lady Beetle

- 3 images of beetle on apple tree blooms. 

Labidomera clivicollis - Milkweed Leaf Beetle

- 10 images of beetles on Milkweed plant.

Liliocenris lilii - Scarlet Lily Beetle

- 7 image of beetles destroying lily plants.

Monochamus scutellatus - White Spotted Sawyer

- 8 images of large black beetle.

Polydrusus impressifrons - Green Weevil - also known as the Leaf Weevil or Pale Green Weevil

- 4 images including mating pair.


Popillia japonica - Japanese Beetle.  

- 10 images including a mating pair.


Rhagonycha fulva - Common Red Soldier Beetle, Black-tipped Soldier Beetle or Bloodsucker Beetle. 

- 3 images. 


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Are You Baffled 
by Bugs ?

Did you know...

That all insects are bugs, but not all bugs are insects!


"I dreamed
 I was a butterfly,
 flitting around 
in the sky; 
then I awoke.  
Now I wonder:  
Am I a man 
who dreamt 
of being a butterfly, 
or am I a butterfly
that I am a man?"

~ Chuang Tse ~
Chinese philosopher


Insects have 3 body parts:  a head, thorax and abdomen.  They also have six legs and two antennae.

Spiders and Scorpions have eight legs and are not considered insects!


According to some sources, the total number of insect species is somewhere between 15 and 30 million!

There are 900,000 known species in the world.


Insane About Insects ?


Did you know...

Scorpions can live for more than one year without eating!


Mosquitoes have 47 teeth, but only the female mosquitoe bites using it's proboscis.

Fireflies, sometimes called Lightningbugs, are not true bugs or flies.  They are beetles!

Every year, insects eat about one third of the world's food crops.

Only male crickets can chirp.  They will chirp faster in warm weather.  

Most insects hatch from eggs.

The average bed contains 2-6 million dust mites!


Are You An Enthusiastic
Entomologist ?

Did you know...

Every year, the average person eats several insects while sleeping.  

Insects breath through a complicated network of air tubes called tracheae that open along the sides of the insects body.

Nearly all insect growth involves metamorphosis.

The average housefly lives only two weeks!

A female ladybug lays about 1000 eggs in her lifetime.

Honeybees fly at a speed of 13-15 mph.

Even though spiders have eight eyes, they still can't see very well.

A cockroach can live up to 9 days without its head!





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