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All About Birds !

Squawking, chirping, honking, twittering - birds are amazing !

Free Teacher & Student Image Resources

All images of birds have been categorized according to their habitats and are listed alphabetically by their Latin names.





Learn about Birds

Assorted Birds &
Bird-related Items





Coastal, Seashore & Water Birds

Coastal habitats include cliffs, rocky shores, sandy beaches and dunes and muddy estuaries.

Agrarian interpres
[Ruddy Turnstone]

Larus argentatus argenteus
[Herring Gull]

Larus delawarensis
[Ring-billed Gull]

Phalacrocorax auritus
[Double-crested Cormorant]

Pelecanus occidentalis
[Brown Pelican]

Spheniscus demersus
[Jackass or Black-footed Penguin]

Sula dactylatra
[Masked Booby]

Savanna Habitats

Savannas are grassland ecosystems that have trees spaced far enough apart that the canopy does not close.  Sunlight reaches between the trees to support the growth of grasses.

Bostrychia hagedash
[Hadada Ibis]

Burhinus capensis
[Spotted Dikkop]

Cosmopsarus regius
[Golden-breasted Starling]

Dinemallia dinemalli
[White-Headed Buffalo Weaver]

Leptoptilos crumenifer
[Marabou Stork]

Sicalis flaveola
[Saffron Finch]

Struthio camelus
[Common Ostrich]

Wetland Birds

Wetlands are land areas that are saturated with water, either throughout the year or seasonally.  In this area, birds can find an variety of aquatic plants.

Ardea alba
[Great Egret]

Ardea herodias
[Great Blue Heron]

Branta canadensis
[Canada Goose]

Chen caerulescens
[Snow Goose]

Cygnus buccinator
[Trumpeter Swan]

Cygnus olor
[Mute Swan]

Egretta thula
[Snowy Egret]

Eudocimus albus
[White Ibis]

Eudocimus ruber
[Scarlet Ibis]

Gavia immer
[Common Loon]

Himantopus himantopus mexicanus
[Black-necked Stilt]

Mycteria americana
[Wood Stork]

Nycticorax nycticorax
Black-crowned Night-Heron

Phoenicopterus ruber
[American or CaribbeanFlamingo]

Platalea alba
[African Spoonbill]

Scopus umbretta

Woodland and Forest Habitats

Forests are more than just a collection of trees.  There are lakes, streams, ponds and rivers within the forest.  Coniferous forests are dominated by cone-bearing trees that thrive in northern latitudes.  Temperate forests are a mixture of coniferous and broad-leafed trees.  The most diverse forests are tropical rainforests. 

Aix galericulata
[Mandarin Duck]

Amazona leucocephala
[Rose-throated Amazon Parrot]

Anas platyrhynchos
[Mallard Duck]


Bonasa umbellus
[Ruffed Grouse]

Cyanocitta cristata
[Blue Jay]

Eurypyga helias

Myiopsitta monachus
[Monk or Quaker Parrot]

Picoides villosus
[Hairy Woodpecker]

Podargus strigoides
[Tawny Frogmouth]

Spizioxos semitorques
[Collared Finch-billed 

Todiramphus cinnamominus
[Guam Micronesian Kingfisher]

Zenaida macroura
[Mourning Dove]

Birds of Prey

Birds of prey are nature's clean-up crew.  They typically have sharp talons and hooked bills - everything they need to capture small animals and feed on carrion (dead & decaying flesh on an animal.

Aegypius monachus
[Cinerous Vulture]

Buteo platypterus
[Broad-winged Hawk]

Cathartes aura
[Turkey Vulture]

Falco peregrinus
[Peregrine Falcon]

City Dwellers

Urban wildlife is that which can live and thrive in an urban environment.  Bird species that adapt to city living are thought to be species with bigger brains, allowing them to adapt to a changing urban environment.  Birds often nest on hydro poles, under awnings and bridges, in building cavities, etc.  I've seen city birds nesting inside lamp posts and in the warmth of neon signs.

Columba livia
[Rock Pigeon]

Patagioenas leucocephala
[White-crowned Pigeon]

Domesticated / Pet Birds

A domestic animal is a species that has been domesticated by humans.  It lives and breeds in a tame condition and is dependent on humans for survival.  Domesticated birds sever some purpose for their owners.  Pets are kept for enjoyment.  Typical domestic birds are chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, etc.






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