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Large images are now only available via
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FreeTiiuPix Educational Resources


Have you visited our Slide Presentation Gallery?

How about learning to draw your own clip art?  and our small Clip Art Collection?

Do you need texture or background images for your slide presentations?  school bulletins?  Check out our  Texture & Background Gallery.



More Educational Resources

In my many years of lesson plan preparation, I've done A LOT of research and have come across many a useful website.  Perhaps some of these will be of use to you as well.....

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I will be adding to these as time permits.


Primary Resources Teachers have contributed their lesson plans, documents, slide presentations, plays, and more. Items are categorized into English, Science, Art, etc. 


Buttons & Graphics

 ImageFu Design a button or badge.  ImageFu graphics makers are provided free and requires no registration.  The style of the button or badge can be heavily customized.  you can choose between different types of backgrounds and can fully adjust the borders, shadows, etc. 


Clip Art


Phillip Martin provides original art for free for noncommercial purposes.  He releases his images under the Creative Commons License with requirements.  There is a huge selection of images under many categories.  Read the terms of use. 



Calendar Converter

This is a public domain document EXCELLENT for explaining the different types of calendars historically in use.  There is also an online calendar converter allowing one to see the same date expressed in a multitude of calendars.










Teacher created &
student approved !
Download image-
rich slide presentations.



No artistic talent?
No problem!

Learn how to draw
your own clip art!

+ enjoy our small
 FreeTiiuPix original 
Clip Art collection.



Get lesson plan ideas,
learn about new 
image categories 
+ links to more educational websites.





I'm using information from your website - 
 how do I reference it?  

Learn about proper 
citation techniques 
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If you'd like to drop me a note to let me know if any of these images have been useful, I'd love to hear from you. I'm curious to see if my snapshots have been of benefit to you in some way.  Also, I'd like to hear what kind of images you'd like to see more of. 






Background textures and images are a great way to give originality to your bulletins, invitations, slide shows, postcards, websites, etc. 

Try placing a white text box over an image to create a border so that only a small portion of the outside of the image is showing.

Why not try blurring an entire image or a small portion to use as a background.  










Remember to use text colour to co-ordinate with your background colours.

For download, I've include many close-ups of every day items, perfect for background use.

Have you ever thought of using a close-up of stone?  marble? carpeting? textiles?  How about metal, wood, plants, water?





Looking for more images to turn into backgrounds?  Check out our other image categories.

Ever think of using a  filter to change the appearance of an image?  Many photo editing software will provide you with filters to enhance, colour, pixel, blur, etc. your image for a totally different appearance.



This is the original image of autumn Maple leaves.



Stained Glass Look






Black & White Tones



Fade Middle



















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