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Free Flower Images - Orchids

Note on large files:  Very large files may be bigger than your screen.  
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white purple orchid plants beside window

Orchids Window - 1 
Assorted Phalaenopsis orchid species beside window.

Medium - 640 x 480  Right click on above image and chose "save as".

Large - 3456 x 4608  -  Large files now only available by email request.


The Orchidaceae Family of plants (Orchids) contain many colourful species.  They are the largest family of flowering plants known.  People are drawn to the beautiful, diverse and exotic blooms.

Contrary to popular belief, not all orchids are temperamental and difficult to grow.  The blooms last for a very long time - some individual blooms up to as long as 2 months and an entire succession of blooms may last up to 6 months!  Watching the stems grow, buds appear, and blooms open is not only a wonder for adults, but quite an educational experience for children.

Orchids are grouped into two main categories:  "Epiphytes" which grow on trees, shrubs or rocks that have their roots completely exposed to the air; and "Terrestrials" that grow in soil or humus.  Both types can be grown in a special orchid bark medium like most of those pictured below.

The Phalaenopsis Orchids pictured below are also known as "moth orchids" and produce long arching sprays of multiple flowers in small and large sizes.

Phalaenopsis will re-bloom from the same green spike if you cut off the stem where the first flower bloomed.  This may encourage the plant to produce a new spike and re-flower.  Removing the spike completely will encourage strong plant growth.  Not to worry, the plant will produce spikes on its own.  I've had great success growing these plants in diffused light beside a west-facing window.

Once a week or so - I watch for drooping leaves - I give the plants a 24-hour soak by filling the pots with water and allowing the plants to soak up as much water as they like and then draining off the pots the next day.  I'm not a horticulturist, but this has worked for me for years.  Happy growing and enjoy your blooms!


purple orchid bloom phalaenopsis

Orchid Purple - 3

Medium - 640 x 480  Right click on above image and chose "save as".

Large file available by email request.


Click on thumbnails to open medium resolution image.
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Large files now only available by email request. (122949 bytes)

Orchid-1  "Cambridge"
[Phalaenopsis] (117950 bytes)

Orchid-2  "Cambridge"
[Phalaenopsis] (136852 bytes)

Orchid-3  "Cambridge"
[Phalaenopsis] (114893 bytes)

Orchid-4  "Cambridge"
[Phalaenopsis] (113916 bytes)

Orchid-5  "Cambridge"
[Phalaenopsis] (147904 bytes)

Orchid-8  "Cambridge"


white orchid yellow orange center bloom cambridge phalaenopsis

Orchid - "Cambridge" - 6   [Phalaenopsis]

Medium - 640 x 480  Right click on above image and chose "save as".

Large - 4608 x 3456  - Large files now only available by email request. (165852 bytes)

Orchid-7  "Dublin"
(Orchid Dublin-1) (141559 bytes)

Orchid-9  "Dublin"
(Orchid Dublin-2) (116004 bytes)

Orchid-10  "Dublin"
(Orchid Dublin-3)

Orchid-Golden (181099 bytes)

Orchid-11  "Golden Beauty"
(Orchid-Golden Beauty-1) (172694 bytes)

Orchid-12  "Houston"
(Orchid-Houston-1) (160557 bytes)

Orchid-13  "Houston"


pink purple mauve striped orchid bloom houston phalaenopsis

Orchid - "Houston" - 5   [Phalaenopsis]

Medium - 640 x 480  Right click on above image and chose "save as".

Large - 2448 x 3264  -  Large files now only available by email request. (191504 bytes)

Orchid "Houston"-3
[Phalaenopsis] (183321 bytes)

Orchid "Houston"-4
[Phalaenopsis] (184194 bytes)

Orchid "Houston"-6
[Phalaenopsis] (197259 bytes)

Orchid "Houston"-7
[Phalaenopsis] (182194 bytes)

(Orchid-Pink-1) (176745 bytes)


Orchid-Pirate (193163 bytes)

"Pirate Prince"
(Orchid-Pirate Prince-1)

Orchid-Pirate (172866 bytes)

"Pirate Prince"
(Orchid-Pirate Prince-3)

Orchid-Pirate (225694 bytes)

"Pirate Prince"
(Orchid-Pirate Prince-2) (164138 bytes)

(Orchid-Purple-1) (152826 bytes)

Orchid-20 B&W
(Orchid-Purple-2) (131100 bytes)




white orchid bloom yellow heart center phalaenopsis

Orchid - 22   [Phalaenopsis]

Medium - 640 x 480  Right click on above image and chose "save as".

Large - 2592 x 3456  - Large files now only available by email request. (123966 bytes)

Orchid-23  B&W
[Phalaenopsis] (138041 bytes)

[Phalaenopsis] (147506 bytes)

[Phalaenopsis] (115033 bytes)

[Phalaenopsis] (128857 bytes)

[Phalaenopsis] (172939 bytes)



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The Earth
Laughs in Flowers

~ Ralph Waldo 
Emerson ~



"We can complain 
because rose bushes 
have thorns, 
or rejoice because 
thorn bushes 
have roses."

~ Abraham Lincoln ~



"I wonder if
the Daffodil,
shrinks from the
touch of frost,
And when her veins
grow stiff & still,
She dreams
that life is lost?
Ah, if she does,
how sweet a thing
Her resurrection
day in spring!

~ Emma C. Dowd ~



"Bred feeds the body, indeed, but flowers 
feed also the soul."

~ The Koran ~


"If seeds in the 
black earth 
can turn into 
such beautiful roses, 
what might not 
the heart of man 
become in its 
long journey 
toward the stars?"

~ G.K. Chesterton ~



"I'd rather have
roses on my table
than  diamonds
around my neck."
~ Emma Goldman ~




"Where flowers bloom
so does hope."

~ Lady Bird Johnson ~




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