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Note:   I am not an expert in the identification of plants and you should UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES rely upon any of these images to identify edible, toxic or medicinal plants. If I have identified a plant
inaccurately,  please let me know so that the descriptions may be corrected.  


What's the difference 
between a Wild Flower and a Weed?

Flowers are generally those we plant intentionally in our garden.  Weeds, however, are the uninvited plants that steal water, nutrients and sunlight from the flowers. Beauty and usefulness is a matter of opinion.  What one gardener may pull and discard as a weed, another intentionally plants and enjoys the blooms of what he may see as a  beautiful wildflower.  Generally, however, a weed is a plant that grows where it is not wanted.  

[The flower arrangement at right contains:   Bull Thistles, Burdock, Goldenrod, Purple Loosestrife, Sow Thistles, Stinking Mayweed, Teasels, Wild Carrots and Wild Parsnips]

According to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, a “noxious” weed in general terms is a plant that is “harmful to living things; injurious to health”.  The Canadian Province of Ontario has 24 plants that are considered noxious under the Weed Control Act Common Barberry, European Buckthorn, Bull Thistle , Canada Thistle, Wild Carrot, Colt’s Foot, Dodder, Goat’s Beard, Johnson Grass, Knapweed, Milkweed, Nodding Thistle, Poison hemlock, Poison ivy, Proso Millet, Ragweed, Yellow rocket, Russian Thistle, Scotch Thistle, sow Thistle, Cypress Spurge, Leafy Spurge, Tuberous Vetchling, and the Giant Hogweed.  

The following plants are those typically thought of as weeds (not necessarily noxious), although many of these I refuse to pull and enjoy in my own home garden.



One of a Kind Weed Images
Weeds with not enough images to justify their own page.

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Creeping Bellflower

The Creeping Bellflower (Campanula rapunculoides) is also known as the Rampion or European Bellflower and is part of the Campanulaceae Family.  The colour of the flowers ranges from blue to blue-violet.  Another invasive plant, this species spreads by its root system.

creeping-bellflower-1-FreeTiiuPix.JPG (165305 bytes)\

Creeping Bellflower-1

creeping-bellflower-2-FreeTiiuPix.JPG (174445 bytes)

Creeping Bellflower-2


Hemlock (?)

Is this a Water Hemlock? It is too small to be Cow Parsnip or the Giant Hogweed and thus I am assuming that it is some type of Hemlock, perhaps the Poison Hemlock or Water Hemlock?  The leaf formation, however, is slightly different.  Both types of hemlocks are invasive and dangerous with reactions from severe dermatitis to deadly poisonous.  If you you can identify this weed, please let me know. (207550 bytes)

Mystery Hemlock-1 (172137 bytes)

Mystery Hemlock-2 (186260 bytes)

Mystery Hemlock-3


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