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Free Images of Achiote (Annatto)

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Growing in Latin and South America, we find the Achiote Tree (Bixa orellana), sometimes known as the "Lipstick Tree".  From the fruits come the seeds from which Annatto (also called "bixin") is extracted.  This substance is used around the world to dye food, fiber and faces.  Although the fruit is not edible, the orange-red, oily pulp that covers the seeds is extracted by stirring the seeds in water to produce a yellow to orange food colouring.  In commercial operations, both the seeds and flesh are processed to extract the dye.

The colouring paste or powder is called "annatto, achiote, roucou, or bijol".  It is also sometimes used as a flavouring.  Do you enjoy eating Cheddar cheese? butter? margarine? snack foods?  then you've probably eaten foods coloured with annatto!

Did you know...

that cheese without colouring added is a pale, creamy colour?  Cheddar cheese was coloured orange using Annatto in the 1800's.  It was thought at that time that high quality cheese were a darker yellow colour because the cows were fed a higher quality green grass.

Central and South American natives also used the seeds to make body paint and lipstick.  This is where the name "Lipstick Tree" comes from.


Red seed pods of Achiote tree

Achiote - 1

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Red seed pods from which Annatto is made

Achiote - 2

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Achiote tree fruit seed pods from which red dye Annatto is made

Achiote - 3

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Herbs & Spices

Add some herbs & spice to your life....



"Spice is life.  
It depends upon 
what you like... 
have fun with it.  
Yes, food is serious, 
but you should have 
fun with it."

~ Emeril Lagasse ~



Hieroglyph found 
in an ancient 
Egyptian tomb - 

of what you eat  
keeps you alive.  
The other 
keeps your 
doctor alive."


"But in truth, 
should I meet 
with gold or spices 
in great quantity, 
I shall remain 
till I collect 
as much as possible, 
and for this purpose 
I am proceeding
in quest of them."

~ Christopher 
Columbus ~



"All that  man needs
 for health and healing 
has been provided 
by God in nature, 
the Challenge of science 
is to find it." 

~ Philippus Theophrastrus Bombast that of Aureolus Paracelsus (1493-1541) ~



"The human body 
heals itself 
and nutrition provides 
the resources 
to accomplish the task."

~Roger Williams 
Ph.D. (1971) ~



"The doctor 
of the future 
will no longer treat 
the human frame 
with drugs, 
but rather will cure 
and prevent disease 
with nutrition."

~ Thomas Edison ~






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