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Free Images of Fruit - Breadfruit

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The Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) is a species of flowering tree in the Mulberry family (Moraceae) growing in tropical and subtropical regions. Trees are fast growing and reach heights of 85 feet.  

Looking much like a prickly, green football, the breadfruit is full of nutrients and energy.  It grows on one of the earth's highest-yielding trees.  At its green stage, the fruit is hard with a white, starchy and somewhat fibrous interior.  When ripe, the fruit is soft and the interior is cream coloured or yellow with a sweet fragrance.

Some say that since 80% of the world's hungry live in tropical or subtropical areas, the breadfruit could help to end world hunger. It provides high energy from carbohydrates, is low in fat, and has more potassium than 10 bananas.  There is, however, one problem - this fruit tastes somewhat like undercooked potatoes and takes some getting used to.

It has been written that Captain William Bligh was sent by Britain's Royal Society to Tahiti in 1787 to collect various breadfruit specimens to help to feed the British colonies in the West Indies.  His crew, however, mutinied and threw overboard the 1,015 potted breadfruit plants he had collected.  In 1793 he managed to deliver 5 varieties of breadfruit and 2,126 plants to Jamaica. From there the breadfruit flourished and spread to other islands. It took almost 50 years for Caribbean locals to develop a taste for the fruit.

Right:  Sliced view of fruit.

In 1921 there were 200 cultivars with names such as "Koqo, Tamaikora, Balekana" and "Kulu".

The Breadfruit name comes from the texture of the cooked ripe fruit.  



Breadfruit growing on tree.

Breadfruit - 1
Photographed in Puerto Rico.

Medium - 640 x 480  Right click on above image and chose "save as".

 Large - 3456 x 4608  -  High resolution image now only available by email.



Two breadfruits growing on tree.

Breadfruit - 2
Photographed in Puerto Rico.

Medium - 640 x 480  Right click on above image and chose "save as".

 Large - 4254 x 3190  -  High resolution image now only available by email.



Large green breadfruit.

Breadfruit - 3
Photographed in Puerto Rico.

Medium - 640 x 480  Right click on above image and chose "save as".

 Large - 4147 x 3110  -  High resolution image now only available by email.



Breadfruit large green spikey fruit.

Breadfruit - 4
Photographed in Puerto Rico.

Medium - 640 x 480  Right click on above image and chose "save as".

 Large - 4608 x 3456  -  High resolution image now only available by email.


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Fruits & 

Fruits are the fleshy edible part of a plant that contains its seeds. Most people think that rhubarb is a fruit, but technically, rhubarb is a vegetable.

Vegetables are plants that are cultivated for their edible parts which include roots, stems, leaves or flowers.  Therefore, a zucchini is botanically a fruit, but is used as a vegetable.




"Anyone can count 
the number of seeds 
in an apple, 
but only God 
can count 
the number of 
apples in a seed."

~ Robert H. Schuller ~





"Might it be,
that the produce manager is more important to your children's health 
than is the pediatrician?"

~ Meryl Streep ~





"Let my words,
like vegetables,
be tender and sweet,
for tomorrow,
I may have to 
eat them."

~ Author Unknown ~





"An onion can make
people cry,
but there's no
 that can 
make them laugh."

~ Anonymous ~





Have you heard of the 
garlic diet?

Although you don't
lose much weight,
from a distance,
your friends think
you look thinner!





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