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 Free images of Vegetables - Squash - Page 3

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Thank you to Michael-Angelo's Market Place
for allowing me to photograph their produce.



Vegetable Marrow - Marrow Squash

Vegetable Marrow is a term used to mean a “tender vegetable” such as squash.  It is also used to refer to another of the winter varieties - Marrow Squash which is related to the zucchini.  

This squash is green in colour and oval shaped.  It can grow to be the size of a watermelon! Look for something that looks like a giant zucchini although the skin may be any shade of green. 

When purchasing this vegetable, pick the smallest of the bunch.  Over-sized marrows can become watery and bitter-tasting.


Vegetable Marrow squash in a bushel.

Vegetable Marrow - 1

Medium - 640 x 480  Right click on above image and chose "save as".

Large - 3456 x 4608  -  High resolution image now only available by email.



Yellow green Vegetable Marrow Squash

Vegetable Marrow - 2

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Large - 4608 x 3456  -  High resolution image now only available by email.



Winter Squash Delicata


Yellow green long Winter Squash Delicata

Winter Squash Delicata - 1

Medium - 640 x 480  Right click on above image and chose "save as".

Large - 3092 x 4125  -  High resolution image now only available by email.



Winter Squash Delicata in bushel.

Winter Squash Delicata - 2

Medium - 640 x 480  Right click on above image and chose "save as".

Large - 3039 x 4048  -  High resolution image now only available by email.


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Fruits & 

Fruits are the fleshy edible part of a plant that contains its seeds. Most people think that rhubarb is a fruit, but technically, rhubarb is a vegetable.

Vegetables are plants that are cultivated for their edible parts which include roots, stems, leaves or flowers.  Therefore, a zucchini is botanically a fruit, but is used as a vegetable.




"Anyone can count 
the number of seeds 
in an apple, 
but only God 
can count 
the number of 
apples in a seed."

~ Robert H. Schuller ~





"Might it be,
that the produce manager is more important to your children's health 
than is the pediatrician?"

~ Meryl Streep ~





"Let my words,
like vegetables,
be tender and sweet,
for tomorrow,
I may have to 
eat them."

~ Author Unknown ~





"An onion can make
people cry,
but there's no
 that can 
make them laugh."

~ Anonymous ~





Have you heard of the 
garlic diet?

Although you don't
lose much weight,
from a distance,
your friends think
you look thinner!






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