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By downloading these images and materials you are agreeing to our TERMS & CONDITIONS OF USE. PLEASE READ THESE CAREFULLY since they contain usage instructions and restrictions! Also, you may not sell these Images or redistribute them as part of a collection.  Unless indicated that an image has a model or property release, no such release exists.  FreeTiiuPix gives no representations or warranties with respect to the use of names, trademarks, logos, uniforms, registered copyright designs or works of art depicted in any image and you must satisfy yourself that all necessary rights, consents or permissions as may be required for reproduction are secured.

Please note, due to image abuse, we have had to remove all high resolution images.
Large images are now only available via
email request.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get the images?

Search through the Photo Image Gallery and find the category of images you are interested in.  Right click on the image and save it to your computer.  


How can I get  high resolution images?

Until September 2016, this website used to make available high resolution images easily accessible by a simple click.  Due to bandwidth abuse and image theft, these images are no longer available and have now been removed.  If you need a full-sized image, please write to me indicating your intended use.  If it is approved, I will do my best to email you the image as soon as possible. 


Resizing your images

Many software programs will resize your images nicely.  For example, the Microsoft Office Picture Manager does a nice job giving you the option to compress images for:

Documents - Intended for pictures to be used in documents, but not for photo quality printing.  This option will compress the image and resize it to fit within a window of 1024 - 768 pixels.

Web Pages - Intended for on-screen display and fast loading situations such as e-mail messages and websites.  This option will compress the image and resize it to fit within a window of 448 x 336 pixels.

E-mail Messages - This compression is intended for thumbnail displays, fast loading and small file sizes and is good for use in e-mail messages and websites.  All pictures are compressed and resized to fit within a window of 160 x 160 pixels.

Remember, if you want small files, you can save the medium-sized images at 640 x 480 or right click and save the thumbnails as small images.  The medium sized files are good for most uses, but the quality of a saved thumbnail will be very poor!


Where are these images from?

All images have been taken by me using a variety of digital cameras.  While working on my own web pages and as a teacher, I found much difficulty finding truly free images that I and my students could use on personal and school projects.  Many sites required you to become some kind of a member, some had poor quality images, many had "strings" attached to the image use.  Since I have now accumulated my own collection of images and have more time to devote to photography, I wanted to share my photographs with others who may be in need of free images.


How do I pay?  Are they really free?

You don't have to pay, they are really free!  All images on the web pages available for download are completely  free as long as you follow the Terms of Use and Conditions.

Do I need to credit or provide a link to you if I use an image?

Yes.  As outlined in the Terms of use, a credit stating "Photo Tiiu Roiser courtesy of" should be used on your printed document or on your website. Adding Tiiu Roiser at to the image's alt tag is also required.


Can I use these images for a commercial purposes?

The short answer is no.  The free images are only for non-commercial projects. Commercial projects require model and property releases.  Many places I've visited have generously allowed me to post photographs with the restriction that that they are not for sale or commercial use.   If you wish to license an image for a commercial project, please contact me directly and we can discuss the possibility depending upon the image you are interested in.


What is a commercial project?

Obviously, any project that you sell for profit is a commercial venture.  For purposes of using my photos, if your blog, website, magazine, newspaper, flyer, etc. has ads on it, that is a commercial endeavour and my photographs may NOT be included.  For example, a food blog recently included my photographs on a story they did about healthy foods.  Although reading the article was free, the publisher made money by placing ads around the article.  This is a commercial endeavour and my photographs may NOT be added to such a project.


Can I upload my own images?  donate pictures to your site?

Thank you for offering, but no.  In order to be copyright compliant, I will be providing only images that I have personally photographed.  This is for everyone's copyright protection.


Can I use these images in my school projects?

Yes, read the terms.  Be sure to add the credit or link.


Can I post the images on my website?  

If you are using them to illustrate an article, story, etc, the answer is yes, be sure to read the terms and add a credit or link.  If you are contemplating adding them to your website to make a photo gallery or enterprise similar to mine, then definitely no!  Read the Terms carefully !  Some sites have essentially stolen my images and have added them to their photo galleries - this is not permitted.  Legal action toward these websites are currently being taken.



Hotlinking is the same as stealing.  You may NOT hotlink to any images.  This is stealing my bandwidth and not allowed.  


If I write to you will you reply?

I will do my very best to respond to questions.  I cannot, however, provide a full tutorial on how to resize, compress, or adjust the images. 


Still have questions?  Please contact me.




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If you'd like to drop me a note to let me know if any of these images have been useful, I'd love to hear from you. I'm curious to see if my snapshots have been of benefit to you in some way.  Also, I'd like to hear what kind of images you'd like to see more of. 





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