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Free Images of Fabulous Fungi
Lactarius or Russula ?

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*** Warning ***

I wrestled with the option of whether or not to try to identify and place names to my fungus images.  The study of fungi is done by specialists known as a "mycologists" who have many years of education and specialize in identification.  There are many techniques used to identify a mushroom and it simply cannot be done by visual inspection alone.  Incorrectly identifying a mushroom can have deadly consequences if eaten.

While I have tried to link images with fungus names, I am but a lay person and have used books and images to try to look up, categorize and name the species.  My identification should in no way be relied upon and may be completely inaccurate!

There are many toxic mushroom "look-alikes"  that resemble edible ones.  You should UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES  rely up on any of these images to identify edible, toxic or medicinal organisms/plants.  Some mushrooms and fungi are DEADLY  poisonous and their effects do not show up until it is too late to save yourself.  YOU alone are responsible for properly identifying any mushrooms that you may be interested in.  I have attached names to images which I merely THINK resemble the species.

I am grateful for corrections to taxonomic determinations, please contact me at FreeTiiuPix 


Lactarius and Russula Mushrooms

The Lactarius and Russula genera are medium-sized to large mushrooms that are common and widespread.  There are many species of each and from what I’ve read, each are difficult to identify for both the beginner and expert fungus enthusiast.  I'm not going to even attempt identification here and have included all large gilled mushrooms in this section.

Lactarius are called “milk” mushrooms since when a young specimen is cut, they “bleed” a latex-like fluid.  The colour of the emitted liquid and its taste help to identify the species.  I DO NOT ever suggest you taste a mushroom - some are deadly poisonous!!!

Russula spp. are related to Lactarius and are very similar except that they do not bleed.  They are also more “brittle” and the gills are known to break when the fungus is handled.

Note:  The same mushroom or species is indicated by letter.  For example, Brown Mushroom A1 is the same species and photographed at the same time as A2, A3, and so on.  Brown Mushroom B1 would be a different species or specimen.


brown_mushroom_B1.JPG (6477937 bytes)
Brown Mushroom B1
[4149 x 3111]
brown_mushroom_B2.JPG (7633177 bytes)
Brown Mushroom B2
[4608 x 3456]
brown_mushroom_B3.JPG (7707809 bytes)
Brown Mushroom B3
[4608 x 3456]
All "B" series mushrooms were photographed in  Taughannock Falls State Park, New York, in a mixed forest fruiting in late July.
brown_mushroom_B4.JPG (6869649 bytes)
Brown Mushroom B4
[4608 x 3456]
brown_mushroom_B5.JPG (7886420 bytes)
Brown Mushroom B5
[4608 x 3456]
brown_mushroom_B6.JPG (6968993 bytes)
Brown Mushroom B6
[4179 x 3134]
brown_mushroom_B7.JPG (7642895 bytes)
Brown Mushroom B7
[4608 x 3456]
brown_mushroom_B8.JPG (5878988 bytes)
Brown Mushroom B8
[4153 x 3115]
brown_mushroom_C1.JPG (3736161 bytes)
Brown Mushroom C1
[3264 x 2448]
Northern Ontario fruiting in mixed forest on roadside in June.
brown_mushroom_D1.JPG (5663436 bytes)
Brown Mushroom D1
[4133 x 3100]
brown_mushroom_D2.JPG (6374252 bytes)
Brown Mushroom D2
[4608 x 3456]
brown_mushroom_D3.JPG (6772553 bytes)
Brown Mushroom D3
[4608 x 3456]




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Fabulous Fungi



"The world depends 
on fungi, 
because they are 
major players in the
cycling of materials 
and energy 
around the world."

~ E.O. Wilson ~




"I thought a forest 
was made up 
entirely of trees, 
but now I know 
that the foundation 
lies below ground,
in the fungi."

~ Derrick Jensen ~





"Falling in love 
is like 
eating mushrooms, 
you never know 
if it's the real thing 
until it's too late."

~ Bill Balance ~









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