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"Our Natural World - BEES, HORNETS & WASPS" 

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Our Natural World

Size: 27,983 KB

Type: Microsoft Office PowerPoint

# of Slides:  37

Appropriate for grades:  3 - 12 


This presentation introduces students to the world of Hymenoptera - insects within the Order that have wings with membranes.

Students will learn how to visually tell the difference between a bee, a hornet and a wasp.  Common characteristics are described.

An examination of the European Honey Bee begins with an explanation of their social behaviours.  Students will learn where bees make their hives and that someone who cares for a bees is called a "beekeeper" and that the management of bees is known as "apiculture".

Photographs will illustrate what the interior of a hive and honeycombs look like.

The jobs of the Queen and Drones are defined.  The work of busy Worker bees are categorized as "nurse", "house", and "field" bees.

Bees as cross-pollinators of human food crops and economically and ecologically important insects is illustrated. 

Students will learn that bees carry an electrostatic charge and that they pack pollen into a "scopa" and "pollen baskets". 

Bees as producers of beeswax and honey is explained as is their communication behaviours of "round" and "waggle" dancing.

Students go on to learn about the similarities and differences of bees to hornets and wasps including where hornets build their colonies and diet.

Photographs illustrate the interior and exterior construction of hornet/wasp nests made of chewed tree bark. 

The action of mutual feeding (trophallaxis) is introduced.

Stinging behaviours of all three species are compared.

The presentation ends with some fun bee, hornet and wasp facts.

New terms:  beekeeper, apiculture, honeycomb, colony, hive, Queen, Drone, Worker, propolis, scopa, pollen basket, cross-pollination, proboscis, honey sac, trophallaxis, and pheromone .

Created by:  

Tiiu Roiser BAA, BEd & 
Kevin Chorowiec OCT, BAS, BEd






Our Natural World - Bees, Hornets & Wasps 

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