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"Our Natural World - Maple Syrup Production" 

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Our Natural World


Size: 21,693 KB

Type: Microsoft ® Office PowerPoint

# of Slides:  39

Appropriate for grades:  3 - 12 


This presentation will teach students about the process of making maple syrup.  Students will learn that maple syrup is made from the sap of a Maple tree and that the process is known as “sugaring”.

 The history of syrup making is introduced.  It was the First Nations people of North America who discovered “sinsibuckwud” which in Algonquin means “drawn from wood” and who used syrup as a food source and as a medicine.  Maple sugar was the first kind of sugar produced in North America and remained the standard sweetener until 1875 when cane sugar became available.

Statistics about syrup production will show that Canada produces about 85% or the world’s maple syrup and that the Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) contains the highest concentration of sugar and produces a syrup with the best flavour.

Students will review Photosynthesis and the process by which trees accumulate starch.  Included is information about the sugaring off season and how rising daytime temperatures cause pressure within the maple trees resulting in a flow of sap within the tree. 

Slides show how large maple trees must be before they can be “tapped”, how holes are drilled in trees, how many taps may be drilled into each tree, and how quickly a tree heals the tap holes.  Students will view a slice of a tree trunk, known as a “cookie” to see healed tap holes.

Photographs show both metal and plastic taps/spiles as well as the use of metal buckets and plastic vacuum tubbing currently in use to capture sap flow.

Students will view exhibits from the Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area Sugar Bush demonstrating new and old methods of sap collection and production.  Old pots in which to evaporate sap water can be viewed as well as a modern “sugar shack” with stainless steel evaporators.

The presentation ends with some fun facts about sugaring.  Did you know that sap does not flow during the night and that it takes 40 buckets of sap to make 1 bucket of syrup?

New terms:  sugaring, photosynthesis, starch, sap, taps, spiles, sugar bush, sugar shack, hog head, evaporator, run.

Created by:  

Tiiu Roiser BAA, BEd & 
Kevin Chorowiec OCT, BAS, BEd




Our Natural World - MAPLE SYRUP PRODUCTION  - "Sugaring" 

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