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Free images of Plymouth Rock 

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Plymouth Rock is located on the shore of Plymouth Harbour in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  It has become an important American symbol as the place where pilgrims aboard the Mayflower ship disembarked to found a new colony in 1620.  

According to the park interpreter at Pilgrim Memorial State Park, there was no reference to the Pilgrims landing on a rock at the time.  The first mention of this was over 120 years later when a wharf was about to be built.  At that time, an elderly man was the town’s record keeper and he identified a rock which his father had told him was the first piece of solid land the Pilgrims had set foot upon. 

My guide explained that there is no real way of confirming this, but that the rock in question was larger than others in the area and that perhaps as the Mayflower ship was coming in towards land, they used the rock to navigate?  Nonetheless, the rock has become a symbol of courage and faith in American history.

A sign at the monument provides us with a quote from Rose T. Briggs (Original curator of the Plymouth Antiquarian Society and author of the book "Plymouth Rock:  Its History and Its Significance"):

“It is the fact that they landed – and remained – that matters, not where they landed. 
Yet it is no bad thing for a nation to be founded on a rock.”


Portico above Plymouth Rock.

Plymouth Rock - 1
The current portico above the Rock.

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Although it is estimated that the original rock weighed perhaps 20,000 lbs, only the top 1/3 portion remains.  Pieces of the rock are located in several buildings and museums.  The Rock is currently managed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts .  Resting at sea level, the Rock currently sits on sand, at the water’s edge of Plymouth Harbour beneath a portico.


Plymouth rock resting beneath portico.

Plymouth Rock - 2

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  Did you know....

that  the rock has been moved?  has split into two?  and that pieces of it have been stolen, bought and sold? 


View of Plymouth  harbour from beneath Rock portico.

 Plymouth Rock - 3
View of Plymouth Harbour from between the columns of the portico above Plymouth Rock.

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