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Free Teacher & Student Image Resources 
of Trees & Assorted Plants



What is a Tree?

Is it a bush or is it a tree?  How can we tell the difference?  A tree has the distinction of being a perennial, woody plant with a minimum height at maturity of about 3 meters and a minimum trunk diameter of 10 cm. A tree sometimes has secondary branches which are supported by a single main stem or trunk.  

Trees are like Humans -

A tree has sometimes been compared to a human being.  The tree’s trunk is like the body of a human.  A human has a spine, while a tree has a wood trunk.  Our bodies are covered by skin, while a tree is covered with bark.  Under the outer layer of a tree there are thick layers of living cells.  Just like our human cells, a tree’s cells needs oxygen and food.  Finally, both trees and humans need water and air in order to live.


Tree Images - Alphabetical according to Latin or genus name. 

Prior to downloading anything, please carefully read the TERMS OF USE.

Assorted - Tree-related

All About Trees

Beech-Bark Disease
10 images

Blooming Pink Trees
46 images

Blooming White Trees
38 images

Mixed Forests
99 images

Tropical Forests
22 images

Great for Family Tree Projects

20 Images

Coniferous Trees

Abies balsamea - Balsam, Canada, White Fir
9 images

Abies fraser - Fraser Fir
5 images

Abies lasiocarpa - Rocky Mountain Fir, Supaline Fir
3 images

Abies nordmanniana - Nordmann, Caucasian, Turkish Fir
2 images

Abies procera - Noble Fir, Red Fir, Christmas Tree.
3 images

Cupressus or Chamaecyparis nootkatensis
Nootka, Yellow, 
Alaska Cedar or Cypress.

5 images

Larix laricina
Tamarack, Hackmatack, American, Alaska, Black, Eastern or Red Larch

12 images

Picea abies - Norway or Common Spruce
15 images


Picea Galauca - White Spruce
38 images


Picea omorika - Serbian Spruce
3 images

Picea pungens
Colorado, Blue, Green, White Spruce + Baby Blue Eyes

7 images

Picea rubens - Red, Eastern or Yellow Spruce
6 images

Pinus banksiana - Jack, Black, Scrub, Banksian, Grey, Hudson Bay Pine
11 images

Pinus flexilis 'Vanderwolf's Pyramid' - Vanderwolf's Pyramid Limber Pine
5 images

Pinus Resinosa - Red, Norway or Bull Pine
32 images

Pinus strobus - 
Eastern White, Northern White, Weymouth, 
South Pine

54 images

Pinus strobus 'pendula' - Weeping White Pine, 
Eastern White Pine

3 images

Pinus sylvestris
Scots, Scotch Pine

2 images

Thuja occidentalis
Eastern White Cedar

34 images

Tsuga canadensis -  
Canada Hemlock, Eastern Hemlock, Hemlock Spruce

9 images

Assorted  Coniferous Trees
6 images of unidentified trees


Deciduous Trees

Acer freemanii
Acer x freemanii is a cross of Acer rubrum and Acer saccharinum. 
28 images

Acer ginnala
Amur Maple

13 images

Acer nigrum,  a. saccharum var. nigrum - Black Maple
7 images

Acer palmatum
Japanese Maples

15 images of cultivars

Acer plantanoides
Norway Maple

28 images 


Acer plantanoides - 
Red Norway Cultivars

12 images of "Crimson King" & "Royal Red". 

Acer rubrum -
Red Maple 

34 images

Acer saccharinum - 
Silver Maple

29 images

Acer saccharum, A. saccharaphorum
Sugar Maple

61 images

Acer truncatum
3 images of 
Norwegian Sunset® cultivar.

Assorted Maple Trees

33 images

Aesculus hippocastanum - Horse Chestnut or Conker
6 images

Betula alleghaniensis
Birch Tree - Yellow Birch

6 images

Betula nigra - 
Black, River or Water Birch

4 images

Betula papyrifera
Paper Birch
40 images

Catalpa bugnei - Catalpa, Catawba, Umbrella 
or Globe Catalpa

6 images.

Cercis canadensis
Eastern Redbud

7 images.


15 images

Fagus sylvatica - 
Beech Trees - Fernleaf, European, Tricolour

12 images

Fraxinus pennslyvanica & F.americana
Red, Green or White Ash
16 images

Ginkgo biloba
Ginkgo or Maidenhair tree

10 images 

Juglans nigra - 
Walnut - Black

9 images

Liquidambar styraciflua "Worplesdon" - 
Sweet Gum

4 images


Liriodendron tulipifera
Tulip Tree, American Tulip,Tuliptree, Tulip Poplar, Whitewood, Fiddle-tree, or Yellow Poplar.

10 images

Magnolia - Several species of trees in Magnoliaceae family.
14 images

Malus genus - Crabapple

62 Images

Platanus occidentalis - American Sycamore, Planetree, Occidental Plane, Buttonwood or Buttonball
6 images

Populus tremuloides & Populus balsamifera - Poplars
13 images

  Populus genus includes Cottonwoods, Poplars & Aspens.

Pyrus calleryana
Ornamental Pear

6 images


Learn About + 
Assorted Quercus
Oak Trees
7 images


Quercus alba - Northern White or Stave Oak
4 images

Quercus macracarpa - 
Bur Oak

 12 images

Quercus palustris
Pin Oak

2 images

Quercus robur - English, Pedunculate or French Oak
5 images

Quercus robur -
Crimson Spire™ 

A cross between Quercus robur & Quercus alba  
3 images

Quercus rubra
Red Oak

14 images

Quercus velutina
Black Oak

8 images

Salix alba
White Willow + Corkscrew

26 images

Sorbus aucuparia - 
Mountain Ash

7 images

Ulmus americana
American Elm

9 images

Fruit Trees

All About Fruit Trees

Artocarpus altilis


5 Images

Juglans nigra - 
Walnut - Black

9 images

Malus genus

57 Images

Malus domestica
Apple Trees

26 Images

Musa genus
Banana Trees

9 Images

Prunus genus
Cherry Trees

51 Images

Prunus genus
Peach Trees

14 Images

Prunus genus - 
Plum Trees

9 Images

Pyrus genus
Pear Trees

22 Images

Tropical Trees

5 images of what is in fact
a grass and not a tree.

4 Images

Lonchocarpus violaceus - 
Balché Trees

3 images

4 Images

Musa genus
Banana Trees

9 Images

Ochroma pyramidale

2 images

30 images

Assorted Tropical Trees
5 images

Tropical Forests
22 images

Assorted Plants

Ferns & Vines 
- Coming Soon







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The Wonder 
of Trees




"Even if I knew 
that tomorrow 
the world 
would go to pieces, 
I would still plant 
my apple tree."

~ Martin Luther ~









"I think that I 
shall never see
A poem as lovely
as a tree.

A tree whose hungry 
mouth is pressed,
Against the earth's 
sweet flowing breast;

A tree that looks 
at God all day
And lifts her leafy 
arms to pray;

A tree that may 
in Summer wear
A nest of robins
 in her hair;

Upon whose bosom 
snow has lain;
Who intimately 
lives with rain.

Poems are made 
by fools like me,
but only God 
can make a tree."

~ Joyce Kilmer ~
"Trees" 1914









"The best time
to plant a tree
was 20 years ago.
The next best
time is now."

~ Chinese Proverb ~






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